The Ins And Outs Of Index Machine Maintenance

Your index CNC machines require you to be on top of the maintenance every step of the way. Since so much of your industrial and manufacturing work relies on the efficiency of these machines, you should be vigilant about being proactive with the way you care for them. By applying these three key words of advice below, you will be in a great position to get the absolute most out of your index machines for a long period of time. 

Tip #1: Handle Fluid Checks, Inspections And Other Routine Maintenance

Some work should be left to professional industrial contractors, while other tasks can be handled in-house. For instance, make sure that you frequently inspect your index machine's hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure should stay at 4.5 MPa and should be running at the proper levels. In addition to hydraulic fluid, take a look at your coolant every 6 months or so to be sure that it is clean and without debris on the inside. If you are noticing oil leaking into the coolant, this could be problematic and should be addressed at once. Further, always make sure that you change your air filters so that they are not clogged and backed up. 

Tip #2: Tailor Your Warranties To Your Needs

For your index machine to consistently get the proper care it needs, you should opt for an extended warranty. Look into the warranty agreement in order to get a clear breakdown of the control warranty and the parts warranty. This way, you will have full peace of mind when operating your index machine, since you know that you will be able to get it repaired by a professional if something happens to break down or go wrong during the allocated timeframe of the warranty. 

Tip #3: Calibrate Your Lasers

In order for your index machines to operate with precision, the laser needs to be properly calibrated. When you have it calibrated by a pro, you will be able to count on the accuracy of all output, which plays a large role in the industrial and manufacturing work that is carried out as a result. You should touch base with professionals who are insured and licensed, so that you know you are getting your index machine laser calibrated by a repair contractor experienced enough to get the job done properly. 

Factor in these words of advice and find the help of a company that can assist you. Contact a company like Hales Machine Tool Inc for more information.