Trucking 101: 3 Basic Reasons To Consider An Aluminum Bed

In today's world, you can choose from steel and aluminum truck beds. While steel was the most popular option in the past, aluminum is becoming increasingly popular. So why are people switching to aluminum truck beds? Here are 3 good reasons:

1. Aluminum Is Lighter

As you might expect, aluminum is much lighter than steel. While weight isn't usually a huge factor when it comes to shopping for truck beds, a lighter bed does offer some benefits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a lighter truck bed is better gas mileage. Since the truck isn't being weighed down with heavy steel, your truck will get better gas mileage. Although a simple benefit, it can be very helpful. After all, better mileage means you'll be spending less on gas – which ultimately saves you money.

2. Aluminum Is Easier Maintain

Another benefit of an aluminum truck bed is that is very easy to maintain. Unlike steel, you don't need to apply any special products to the truck bed. All you need to do is wash it regularly to keep it clean. If the truck bed becomes damaged and needs repairs, they are also easy to do. Since you don't need to apply any additional products, you can simply replace the part and move on. This makes aluminum truck beds much more budget friendly – and time-friendly, too.

3. Aluminum Doesn't Corrode

Finally, aluminum truck beds do not corrode. This might not sound like much of a benefit, but it truly is. Steel truck beds often contain a lot of iron. While this does make steel strong, it also makes it weak to corrosion and rust. Unlike steel, aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust. You do not need to apply any special products. In addition, you don't need to worry about scratching or other issues like you would with steel. This is makes aluminum a very good option, as truck beds are constantly exposed to the elements. Even with proper upkeep, a steel truck bed may begin to rust or corrode due to rain, wind, snow, or hail. However, an aluminum truck bed will remain strong and in good condition regardless of harsh weather.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to consider opting for an aluminum truck bed. While steel does offer more strength and hauling capacity, it's often more expensive. So if you don't need to haul extreme weights, an aluminum truck bed might just be the best option.