Building A Custom Home With Custom Metal Roofing Needs? Find A Great Fabrication Expert

If you are building a custom home that has some weird angles and cuts around the top and the shape, and you want to have a metal roof, there are some things to know. You want to be sure that you get the protection that you need, and this may mean that you need to get some professional help beyond what the roofing panel professionals can offer you. Here are the things you need to cross off your list before you get started with the roofing portion of the construction.

Meet with Metal Fabrication Specialists

First you want to meet with a metal fabrication specialist to ask about how they can make custom roofing panels to fit around the house in the areas that are needed. They may also have to make custom gutters to fit around the unique shape of the property, to ensure that the water is carried away from the property properly and as needed.

Talk with the fabrications specialists and ask them about:

  • Using the same metal as your chosen roofing panels
  • Adding a warranty to the services for product longevity and design
  • Installation on site

Once you have all this information and a cost estimate, you can determine what it's going to cost to get the custom roofing panels made, and how long it's going to take. You will also want to have the metal powder coated to match the other roofing panels.

Ask About Roofing Warranties

If the rest of the roof will be done by a local roofing contractor, ask them about what the warranty will be on their products since you need to have some custom pieces put in. Metal roofing sheets interlock together, so if you are adding custom pieces the roofers may stress that this could jeopardize the strength or longevity. Find out if this will be a problem when it comes to the roofing warranty.

Your builder can talk with you about getting the roofing plans to the metal fabricators, and they may be able to find a roofing company that is more than willing to work on the difficult project. If you are building a custom home and you know there are going to be some odd areas or complications where custom sheeting and pieces will have to be used, don't hesitate to get the help you need and find a professional metal fabrication company to do the job, such as Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc