The Pros and Cons Of Paper Film Cores Over Plastic Film Cores

When you are in the business of working with physical film, you have to remember that the quality of the film is only as good as the method you use to store it. There are multiple types of film cores to choose from, but paper and plastic tend to be the most common choices. Here is a look at the pros and cons of paper film cores over plastic. 

Pro: Paper film cores won't overheat and cause sticking. 

When you are using plastic film cores, you have to be careful about getting the film around any kind of heat. Of course, it is always wise if you store your film in an area where the temperature is fairly ambient. However, if the film is wrapped around a plastic core, there is a bigger chance of the inner parts of the film getting stuck to the plastic core. 

Con: Paper film cores can collapse with enough pressure. 

If there is one primary downfall of using paper cores it is the fact that they can collapse under pressure. However, modern paper film cores are crafted out of really dense corrugated cardboard that can withstand quite a bit of pressure. 

Pro: Paper film cores are biodegradable and plastic is not. 

If you use a lot of cores for film, it is always a better idea to go with paper over plastic for environmental reasons. Paper breaks down when it goes in the trash, but plastic is not a biodegradable material. Many larger production companies have switched over to paper cores purely because they are a more environmentally friendly option. 

Con: Paper film cores work best with light film roles. 

If you are wrapping a massive roll of film, it can be better to go with a denser film core that is made out of a solid material. Paper cores work well for the most part, but with heavier rolls of film, they can become a little less resilient. 

Pro: Paper film roles are less expensive than plastic. 

For those filmmakers that go through a lot of film cores, it tends to be more financially feasible to go with paper. Paper cores are far more affordable than plastic film cores. They are often sold in bulk quantities and do not cost a lot at all. Not to mention, good and durable paper cores are reusable if you take good care of them, which also helps to save money. Contact companies like Crescent Paper Tube Company to look into your options.