Reducing Cost And Increasing Production With Injection Molding

Production facilities that produce a high volume of parts or items that need to be the same every time often need a way to create the items quickly and at a reasonable cost. Injection molding can be one option that will provide the quality, speed, and cost savings needed for these companies.

Injection Molding

The injection molding process uses some large presses that contain molds that are made in two halves. The molds are put in the press and closed. Molten material can be injected into the mold, and pressurization of the line ensures that the material gets into the entire cavity. 

Once the material is cool, the mold can be opened and the part can be removed from the mold and sent on to finishing. This method can be used for plastics, metals, and some hybrid materials to create a perfectly formed part using the same mold over and over again. 

For large projects, multiple presses can be used to increase the number of items that can be molded in a day. While the parts coming out of the mold may need some cleanup before they are complete, they have the correct dimensions and features already, and the speed the items are produced at allows time for cleaning and finishing after they come out of the mold.

Mold Construction

The molds used in the injection molding process are often made from aluminum or other metals that can stand up to heat and repeated use. A toolmaker typically makes the first mold, and then once the mold is perfected,  a CNC (computer numerical control) program can reproduce the mold repeatedly without flaws. 

For a large company that is injection molding many items, the ability to reproduce the mold is critical. If a machine goes down and damages the mold somehow, it is vital that the mold can be replaced quickly to get the machine running again. 

Producing the molds on a CNC machine allows the tool shop to have additional molds completed and ready, saving time and money for the business. 

Faster Production

Using injection molding to produce items for clients or in-house production allows the business to make the items quickly. Still, it also allows them to switch between products very easily. The injection molding press can be changed from one product to another by changing the molds and material in the machine. 

If the company is molding plastics regularly, they may not have to change the material, so changing the mold could be all that is required, making the process fast. This versatility can be important for a company that serves clients that may need rush orders from time to time without a lot of notice. Contact a company that offers injection molding services in your area to find more information.